There is an indefinable bond that develops between horses and their human friends. Horses are non-judgmental; they do not laugh when told secrets. They provide a strong shoulder to lean on, and they do not shun people who are a little different.

We use a variety of horse types, both large and small, but primarily use Icelandic horses, which are intelligent, good tempered, versatile and beautiful. Their average height is between 12.3 and 13.1 hands.

We carefully choose and work with horses that have a special attitude. They often seem to know that they are there to help, and “take care” of their special riders. All of our horses are carefully screened for temperament, trained for the unique situations encountered in therapeutic lessons, and carefully monitored to insure that they remain in good health and spirit.

Milestones accepts horse donations. All horses must pass a vet check before they can be accepted into the program.


The Boys


Meet our horses


Annie came to us on a trial basis and we believe she has a lovely personality. She is very curious about everything! We are still getting to know Annie and will keep you posted when we know more about this … Continued


Joe came to us on a trial basis and we believe he has wonderful potential. He is very confident and is also affectionate. We are still getting to know Joe and will keep you posted when we know more about … Continued


Henri came to Milestones from Green Hill Therapy in Louisville, Kentucky where he was primarily used for hippotherapy.  He is 16 years old, level 1 Parelli trained and enjoys dressing up as a unicorn for Halloween! Henri is a quite, … Continued


Arts Zippo Lighter, fondly referred to as “Art”, joined Milestones at the end of the summer of 2016. Art is our tallest horse and is 10 years old. Art likes to please his rider and is often a favorite for … Continued


Champ joined Milestones just before Christmas in 2015. He is a sweet boy that is very friendly. He really enjoys being with his friends out in the pasture (he plays a lot!).  Champ works primarily with our therapeutic riders.


Josie has a sweet disposition and is being used in lessons primarily with our Silver Saddles riders, but she sometimes works in our therapeutic lessons too.  She and Whiski were stable mates before they came to Milestones and they still enjoy … Continued


Whiski is a thoroughbred horse and was donated to our program. He and Josie were stable mates before they came to Milestones and you often see them in the field together. His trot is a bit bumpy but the riders giggle because it’s … Continued


Odie, an Icelandic horse, is one of our more steady horses. He is cool, calm and collected. He loves riders of all ages and takes good care of them.


JR is a quarter horse that is on loan to Milestones.  He and Eve are stable mates and you will often find them together in the field. JR is playful in the field but takes his job with his independent riders seriously.


Eve is a paint — she is mostly black with a tiny spot of white on her shoulder. She is on loan to Milestones and does very well with both assisted and independent riders. Many of our riders have their first … Continued


Kuggar is an Icelandic horse. He loves to play in the field with Odie and you can find them grazing together frequently. He has a beautiful coat, very sleek and very dark brown.


Sister was born at Milestones’ original farm in Campbell County. She is blind in her right eye due to an accident when she was a foal. However, Sister is not bothered by her disability.  She has been working in lessons since 2009.


Dath has been with Milestones since 1999. She often teaches the new horses how to properly behave during lessons. She loves being brushed and loved on by her riders. Dath is an Icelandic and tends to be the horse than … Continued


Myslea is another one of our Icelandics and has very sensitive feet. Because of her sensitive feet she wears special shoes during lessons! She is a very happy girl and works well for riders needing extra motion to keep their attention … Continued