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Ride With Milestones

Interested in our Therapeutic Horseback Riding program?  Please fill out our New Rider Form and mail the completed form to: 12372 Riggs Road, Independence, KY 41051.

Once a rider is accepted in to the program the Therapeutic Riding Program Application must be completed prior to the beginning of lessons.

Silver Saddles Program

Interested in our 50+ Silver Saddles program?  Please fill out our Silver Saddles Application and mail the completed forms to: 12372 Riggs Road, Independence, KY 41051.


Parent & Rider Handbook

For those riding at Milestones the Parent & Rider Handbook has important information regarding rider safety, polices and procedures and the payment process.


Volunteer Application

We rely heavily on volunteer support at Milestones. We need volunteers to help during lessons with our horses and riders, as well as to keep the program up and running. Wherever your talents lie Milestones could use your help.

Questions about volunteering?  Email Krissie Casler, Program Director, at or call 859.694.7669.

Volunteer App 2018


Rider Assistance Information

At Milestones, we believe in the value of our program and do not want to deny anyone an opportunity to participate because of financial reasons. Our Rider Assistance Program was established to formalize the process for obtaining financial assistance to cover the cost of Milestones programs. The Rider Assistance Program requires outside funding to maintain, so there can only be a limited amount of assistance given. Please read and complete the attached forms to be considered for assistance.  The deadline to submit these forms are February 15 for Spring Session I and/or Spring Session II and June 30 for Fall Session I and/or Fall Session II.

Rider Assistance Program Procedures

Rider Assistance Program Application


Tax Information

2013 Milestones Tax Return

2015 Milestones Tax Return