We strive to assist each rider to become an innovative and productive member of the community by building independence, self-confidence, and social skills in a fun, loving environment. The benefits, physical, cognitive, and psychological, are unique to horseback riding. Therapeutic horseback riding is an invaluable supplement to traditional therapies.

Psychological and Behavior benefits

  • Teaches trust through the rider/horse bond
  • Teaches problem solving skills
  • Increases self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Teaches patience
  • Enhances decision making skills
  • Increases the ability to focus and stay on task
  • Provides an increase in self-esteem and pride
  • Instills a sense of accomplishment

Physical benefits

  • Improves balance, posture, and strengthens muscles
  • Improves coordination
  • Improves range of motion
  • Replicates a muscle movement pattern similar to walking
  • Stimulates the vestibular, nervous and circulatory systems

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