Silver Saddles

a fun way for the over-50 crowd to socialize, stay fit, and learn new skills


Participants meet once a week during the riding sessions.

Each lesson focuses on improving flexibility, balance, and muscle tone, as well as general horsemanship.


Silver Saddles riders benefit psychologically and physically from therapeutic riding activities.


Psychological Benefits

  • Teaches trust through the rider/horse bond

  • Teaches problem-solving skills

  • Teaches the use of patience to control the horse

  • Enhances decision-making skills

  • Promotes responsibility and cooperation

  • Increases the ability to focus and stay on task

  • Boosts self-esteem and pride

  • Instills a sense of accomplishment

Physical Benefits

  • Improves balance and strengthens muscles as the rider learns proper posture and is motivated to self-correct to maintain a secure seat on the horse

  • Improves coordination, both on and off the horse

  • Improves range of motion

  • Replicates the muscle movements of walking

  • Stimulates the vestibular, nervous, and circulatory systems

2022 Sessions

Milestones offers lessons in the following sessions:

  • Winter - January  31 - April 9

  • Spring - April 25 - July 2

  • Summer -  July 18 - September 24

  • Fall - October 3 - December 17 (no class week of Nov. 21)

Our lesson schedule may change due to COVID restrictions or inclement weather. Please contact us for the most current scheduling information.

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