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Therapeutic Horseback Riding in Northern Kentucky


Milestones Equestrian Achievement Program is a non-profit therapeutic horseback riding program for individuals with disabilities and seniors located in Independence, Kentucky.

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We are a non-profit therapeutic horseback riding program. We strive to improve the cognitive, physical, psychological, and emotional health of members of our community through therapeutic riding activities. 


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Our program teaches horsemanship skills in a safe, fun, and loving environment. We offer two distinctive therapy groups: One for individuals with challenges, and one for seniors age 50+.

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You can help us enhance the quality of life for people in our community by donating, volunteering, and supporting our mission. Wherever your talents lie, they can keep our program up and running! 

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We rely heavily on volunteer support at Milestones.

We need volunteers to help with our horses, riders, and program.

Wherever your talents lie, Milestones could use your help.

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