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Sponsor a Horse

At Milestones, we believe that our horses have inherent dignity and deserve respect. It is for this reason that we offer them the best possible care.

Our horses work hard at their job, carrying precious cargo and bringing joy to many of our riders’ lives. They do this with no complaints and little pay. While making their contribution, we reward them with our affection and care. Routine veterinary, dentistry, hoof care, and chiropractor are ongoing expenses.


You can help by donating to the general horse care fund or sponsor a horse.


Does one of our Milestones horses hold a special place in your heart? Show your love and support by sponsoring a therapy horse! For $300 per month, you can become the proud foster parent of a Milestones horse. Your sponsorship will cover the cost of feed, supplements, medications (if needed), as well as help with the individualized caretaking cost for your horse for the year.


By donating or sponsoring a horse, you will be assisting Milestones in focusing on its mission of presenting opportunities for individuals with challenges to enhance their quality of life!


Horse sponsors are recognized for their contribution in multiple ways:

  • Recognition on our website

  • Your sponsorship highlighted on our Facebook Page

  • Recognition at The Milestones Rider Horse Show

  • Our enduring gratitude and the love of a horse!



Ready to Ride?

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